Our Technology
Physical vapor Deposition Technology

           Physical Vapor Deposition Technology is environment friendly surface decoration technology that makes products look like glitter metal product such as polished stainless steel products or other color following customer requirement. This technology can coating all of metal and plastic surface which different from electroplating technology that can coating on metal and conductive plastic surface only.


Injection Technology

            Besides surface decoration technology KOEI has injection technology for service customer that needs one-stop-service. We can inject and coating customer product for saves delivery time and transportation cost for customer cost reduction and increase customer profit.


New Product / New Design Development Technology

           For completely customer requirement support, when customer need to make their own product with own design, KOEI has product design team for support customer and we have prototype making service with painting, water transfer printing and physical vapor deposition without expenses. We are ready to service customer’s requirement with our willingness.


Quality Control System

          KOEI Quality Control System has clearly separate and under control by Quality Control Engineer for high quality product following customer’s requirement KOEI has separate quality control system as follow
            - Incoming inspection
            - Inprocess inspection
            - Final inspection