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Chome Plating Technology
          The revolutionary Chrome Coating System produces a mirror-like, chrome finish on almost any product surface, that looks and feels just like real metal plating. It is the only viable alternative to traditional chroming available on the market. Yet, unlike traditional chroming operations, it is low price, simple to apply and environmentally safe.
            A Chrome Finish is not paint, although it is applied in a similar manner. It places a layer of Real liquid metal on a product's surface. Consequently, it looks and feels like the product has been chromed or metallized, not just painted. A Chrome finish is reflective and shines, like a mirror. It is also much more durable than paint and will not fade over time. Moreover, it is real metal so it theoretically can conduct electricity like all metals. However, it is intended for decorative purposes. Finally, it is as durable as OEM Automotive Finishes.
The many advantages of Chrome Metallization:
  • Environmentally friendlier than conventional chrome plating
  • No size restrictions or limitations
  • Durable finish, ideal for OEM interior or exterior applications
  • Very price effective, less than chrome plating 15%
  • Can be used on semi-rigid substrates where conventional chrome fails.
  • Etc.
  Step 1 Painting   Step 2 Chrome Spraying       Step 3 Top Coating