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Pad Printing Technology
       Pad Printing is adaptable to a variety of shapes and contours on parts with a variation in the surface, yet fine detail and precise copy can be achieved. Two color processes are obtained with exact registration. Pad printing is ideal for decorating toys, plastic house-wares, and injected mold components. Any part, plastic, ceramic, or metal can be production marked by this process.
Pad Printing Technology

Following are the unique features of the Pad Printing process.

  • Can print on convex, concave, curved, recessed and discontinuous surfaces
  • Prints shapes and surface structures well outside the capabilities of pad printing opening up a way to decorate a whole new range of products.
  • Allows wet-on-wet multicolor printing (without intermediate drying) on non-absorbent surfaces - therefore much reduced down time.
  • Is capable of 90 degree wraparound on three-dimensional objects.
  • Offers better edge definition and higher resolution than most other printing systems therefore offering a method of decorating high quality high priced items.
  • Is a relatively inexpensive printing system particularly for multi-color and process color printing which means reduced capital outlay
  • Variety of substrates - Almost any material including glass, ceramic, metal can be printed with suitable inks.
  • Ability to print fine details - Resolution is far better than that of screen printing in fact up to 120 lines / Cm
    (300 lines per inch)
  • High resistance of printing inks - Depending on ink type used extremely high resistance against mechanical abrasion or chemicals can be achieved.
  • Multi-color printing: wet on wet - Possibility to apply multiple prints without intermediate drying
  • Etc.

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